What To Bring To Camp


  • Alarm Clock or wrist watch with Alarm. 
  • Appropriate (*) clothing for the week of camp – plan to be comfy but please remain modest! Tank tops are permitted, but straps need to be at least two fingers wide. Keep in mind that the key word in underwear is under. We reserve the right to ask you to change if we think it isn’t appropriate. If you aren’t sure, it’s probably best not to bring it!

  • Sheets, pillow, blanket and towels – You will be staying in a dorm on campus so you will need all of your own linens. Sleeping bags are fine too. It has been our experience that the twin size mattresses on college campuses tend to be extra long...so if you plan to bring sheets, bring the extra long ones to ensure they fit on the bed.

  • Personal toiletry items

  • Khaki pants or shorts (appropriate in length) to wear on Saturday with your camp t-shirt

    (provided at camp)

  • Recreational items (optional) – tennis racket, soccer or volleyball, frisbee...there will be

    free time and there is a game field/open space in the middle of campus. Sorry folks, there

    is no swimming pool on the Reinhardt University campus.

  • Instrument – Please bring this!! We need every camper who plays an instrument to bring

    his or her instrument!!

  • Items you will need for your class times – i.e., clothes for dance, instrument, etc.

  • Bible

  • Act for camper talent show – you will need to bring your own music, props, etc.

    Accompanists are available.

  • Items to decorate your room with – (FYI -1st time campers, we give out awards each day

    for the most creative rooms, cleanest, most impressive, etc. So, come up with a theme and

    try to impress us! And yes, we take bribes, i.e. food/candy!)

  • Pencil to use in rehearsals

  • Water bottle – Y ou will need to drink lots of water!

  • A great attitude and an open mind! 




  1. (*)Inappropriate clothing includes:

    •  Spaghetti straps, shirts which expose a bare back, halter tops, one shoulder shirts and tube tops

    •  Items of clothing which expose bare midriffs, bare chests, undergarments, or that are transparent (see-through)

    •  Clothing which displays profanity, products, or slogans which promote tobacco, alcohol, drugs, sex or are in any other way distracting

    •  Ripped or torn clothing

    •  Shorts or skirts that do not reach your fingertips