Prepare for Camp 2019

Pray for us

We appreciate your prayers during our week of camp.  Yes, it's an amazing week.  It's the Holy Spirit working in the counselors and the campers and it's prayer that makes it all happen according to His Plan.  Thank you in advance for your prayers.



*If you're bringing sheets for the dorm bed, extra long twin sheets  fit best.

*Bring your instrument(s)

*Leave cell phones and internet devices at home!!

(Read your covenant!!)

*Please make your lunch reservation for Saturday here:


*Finally, many of you are so faithful to this camp and sometimes ask us at check-in if there's anything else we may need.  If you're out and about before bringing your youth to camp, there are a couple of simple grocery items that can really help us...bottled water and fresh fruit.  We are challenged every year to keep the kids hydrated, especially in the summer heat.  There is also a break in the morning during our rehearsals where we try to give them a little boost of energy to make it to lunchtime.  Your donations of bottled water and fresh fruit will go a long way toward helping us to better serve the youth during the week.


Emergency Contact Info

Non-emergency Contact form

In case of emergency during the week, please call or text one of the following numbers (preferably in the order listed):

Alice Myers: (678) 517-5095

Christina Patterson: (770) 823-8562

Jeanne Blood: (404) 775-9698


Keep in mind that our phones may be off or on silent if we are in the middle of teaching a class or participating in rehearsal.  If we don't pick up in time, please leave a message so we can get right back to you.  If for some reason you cannot reach us and it is an *extreme* emergency, you may call the Office of Student Affairs (770-720-5538) and someone there will track us down.

For general inquiries at any time, please use this form 

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.