Campers select a class to attend each day of camp. We encourage the campers to choose a class that challenges them technically and musically so that they get the most from the experience. Many of the classes prepare a presentation for the class day program on the final day of camp. 

Beginning Guitar

This class is for beginning to intermediate level guitar players. You will learn how to play some simple songs for worship based on your skill level. It’s best for participants to bring their own instrument, although there will be two or three spare guitars on hand. 


This class explores how to use the art of dance in worship. God has given us the gift of dance and the bible tells use to praise God with dance! We will learn various techniques that can be used in liturgical dance in your churches as well as creating dances that will be a part of our worship service on Saturday. Please bring comfortable clothes that you can move in or some type of dance shoes (ballet, jazz, lyrical, etc.) if you have them already. First timers (and guys!!) welcomed and encouraged! 


 In this class you will learn how to play handbells and participate in our closing worship on Saturday. Those with all skill levels are encouraged to sign up!

Harp Ensemble

We’ve been known to offer classes in unique instrumentation - dulcimer, recorder, and ukulele - this summer it’s the harp!  No previous experience necessary and instruments provided.  Grab hold of that harp and learn to play it like the angels in heaven!

Praise Team

This class is designed for all the various members of a praise team. From singers to experienced guitar players, this class will teach you how to work together as a team and to understand the vital role each member plays. Experienced, high school aged instrumentalists and vocalists only please! You will need to bring your own guitars if that is your instrument.

Jazz Improvisation

In this class we will be examining the spontaneous side of music. This class is welcome to musicians of all level and every instrument. We will listen to some iconic examples of famous musicians who have improvised as well as learn the fundamentals of the blues form and some fun tunes. Improvisation is a universal skill that can be used to make you a more dynamic and flexible person as well as being a fun way to express yourself and connect with the world around you. Everyone will get a chance to solo at least once!

Worship Art & Design

This class will let students work behind the scenes to design a worship service. Combining visual art, spoken word, and opportunities for worship through touch, taste, silence, and sound, we can create an experience where the congregation can encounter the power of the Holy Spirit.

Musical Drama - Opera Style

How do opera singers project their voices with no microphone? Do you have to be a certain size to sing opera? Where did this art form come from? What languages to opera singers perform in? Can I learn to sing like an opera singer? Learn the answers to these questions and many more by taking Intro to Opera. No previous experience required, just a love of singing and a curiosity about classical voice. Students may present short presentations and excerpts from and about operas at the end of the week to show what they have learned.

Writing Biblically

Campers pick bible verses at the beginning of the week and write a scene based on that bible verse. During the week there is writing time, as well as time for peer and leader edits. Campers are taught how to critique in a way that is both constructive and kind. They also get a chance to edit their work and will go home with a completed short piece of fiction based on a story from the bible.