Class Selection 2019

Instructions (PLEASE READ ME FIRST!!!!)


1) Fill out the form with all information requested. You must use the link below to submit your class selection. 


2)  If you do not send in your selections through this website, you will have to sign up at check-in time at camp and it will be done on a first come, first serve basis.


3-1)  Classes are offered during one session and ensembles are offered during the other session. A humble and very strong request: Those campers who play an instrument in their band/orchestra in school - PLEASE BRING YOUR INSTRUMENT and sign up for instrumental ensemble during the ensemble section. Those who do not play an instrument should sign up for the vocal ensemble.


3-2)  Praise Team is limited to high school aged youth only!  Note that there will be a short screening/audition process for this group.    (Please no one panic over this – it's camp!  It doesn't get any more relaxed than at camp!!)  When signing up for Praise Team, please select one or more parts you plan to audition for during the screening process.  Please also select one of the other ensembles (vocal or instrumental) in the event you are not selected for the praise team during the screening process.


4)  Some classes have very limited space; others have a class size requirement. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult to give everyone their first choices in classes! Please have an open mind to taking something new and be prepared to be placed in a second or third choice class. Remember that the purpose of these classes is to help you explore new interests and talents. Please keep this in mind as you’re making your preferred selections! 

2019 Class Descriptions.pdf
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