Prepare for Camp 2018

Pray for us

We appreciate your prayers during our week of camp.  Yes, it's an amazing week.  It's the Holy Spirit working in the counselors and the campers and it's prayer that makes it all happen according to His Plan.  Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Housekeeping items and other information

*If you're bringing sheets for the dorm bed, extra long twin sheets fit best.

*Bring your instrument(s)

*Leave cell phones and internet devices at home!! (Read your covenant!!)

*Please make your lunch reservation for Saturday here:



-Finally, many of you are so faithful to this camp and sometimes ask us at check-in if there's anything else we may need.  If you're out and about before bringing your youth to camp, there are a couple of simple grocery items that can really help us...bottled water and fresh fruit.  We are challenged every year to keep the kids hydrated, especially in the summer heat.  There is also a break in the morning during our rehearsals where we try to give them a little boost of energy to make it to lunchtime.  Your donations of bottled water and fresh fruit will go a long way toward helping us to better serve the youth during the week.


Directions to Reinhardt University

Directions to Reinhardt University:  Here is a link to the Reinhardt University website and the detailed directions they have there:  Please use this as a primary reference for directions.  If you need an address for your GPS, use 7300 Reinhardt College Parkway as that is the main street address for the campus.


NOTE #1: Reinhardt University campus is very well marked with signs to guide you.  Once on campus, take note of this signage and take advantage of its guidance.


Our Dorm – Blue & Gold Halls of Hubbard:  The dorm we are staying in can be found in the B4 quadrant of the map found on our Forms page.  Look for our blue banner outside on the balcony to know where to enter the dorm.


NOTE #2: Check-in begins at 3PM...No earlier!  There is not space to wait inside beforehand.  You may see adults and possibly a few youth moving about the building.  They are part of the leadership team (counselors and officers) and are the only ones who have early access.


Check In Starts at 3pm on Sunday 24-July-2018

Check-in Procedures:  There will be a series of stations to pass through as you check-in.  They will most likely occur in this order: 

1 - Registration/Tuition Payment

2 - Covenant/Media Release Forms

3 - Medical Form

4 - Class Sign-up Confirmation

5 - Music & Pencil Pick-up

6 - Room Assignment & Key.

This is an estimation...depending on the space some of these stations may be consolidated.  We'll appreciate your patience as we get everyone through the check-in process.


NOTE #3:  Do NOT bring luggage in with you while checking in.  Only bring (payment, forms, meds, etc.) what you need for check-in with you to registration. Once you receive your dorm room key, then you will be prepared to move in.  Let the room decorating commence! 


After Check-in:  Once campers are checked-in, then it's time to move in.  Rooms this year are suites: two rooms with two beds and a bathroom in each with a common area connecting them.  When campers are moved in and somewhat settled, they should return to a designated area close to the lobby to make their name tag and hang-out with fellow won't be long before supper and things get rolling!